Atmosphere Pads

My signature pads patches - used on over 800 songs from Jesus Culture, Kari Job, Bethel Music, Chris Tomlin, and more...

Pads.  Warm, wide, ambient... it's interesting because while pads at their core are very very simple... it's often a real trick to get them "just right."

And actually, that is a subtlety many never quite get - a slight eq shift, a slight filter tweak, a subtle volume change - these can all dramatically impact the perception of pads.  

(Well any patch I suppose - but with pads, the ability to really "sit" in a mix is key."

This collection includes an incredibly wide range of sounds - full, warm, bright, shiny... there's a lot of texture to utilize.

Sounds from this bundle are literally on every single song I've worked on.  

I highly recommend checking them out, and messing with the subtle shifts possible in software.  What you'll find is a deceptively large range of sound possible from just a few pads.

songs have used patches from this bundle




All patches are included in Reason format.  These are the exact patches I use to record, play live, and sequence on hundreds of albums, songs, tours and more.  

Requirements:  Reason 6+, "Huge Pad" requires SR Retro Keys, everything else is stock.

Reason 6+

All patches are included and working in MainStage 3. They sound great. Includes reverb samples on a separate channel.

Requirements: MainStage 3


(Currently in Beta -- available without support until Version 1 is completed)

All the patches are multisampled and available in to use with Kontakt. They sound great. Note: these do not work with Kontakt Player, but rather the full version of Kontakt.

Requirements: Kontakt 5 (Full version - not just Kontakt Player)

Kontakt 5

(Currently in Beta -- available without support until Version 1 is completed)

All the patches are multisampled and available in Ableton's Sampler instrument.  They sound great.  Samplr is a part of Ableton Suite, or available as a separate $99 purchase.

Requirements: Ableton 9 + Sampler

Ableton Sampler


I'm the keys/synth guy heard on albums by Jesus Culture, Bethel, Kari Jobe, Chris Tomlin and more.  I've been a featured producer, writer, or artist on over 80 albums and 800 songs.  My hope is that these sounds become a part of your live and studio setups, and help you achieve the sound you are looking for.

Ian McIntosh // Jesus Culture Keys // Producer // Instructor

Add the classic and iconic pads from Jesus Culture to your collection today.

Atmosphere Pads

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Atmosphere Pads Patch Bundle

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Atmosphere Pads

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All available formats

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What are the requirements?

Reason: Reason 6+, "Huge Pad" requires SR Retro Keys.  Everything else is stock.

Mainstage: MainStage 3, nothing more required

Kontakt:(Currently in "beta")  Kontakt 5, nothing more required

Ableton: (Currently in "beta") Ableton 9 w/ Samplr, nothing more.

Are all formats the same?

In this bundle, the MainStage, Kontakt, and Ableton versions are sampled directly from the Reason version.

This means that yes, these are pretty much sound EXACTLY the same across versions.

Some DAWs and synths sound slightly different - so you may find slight slight variations.  This is a result of the different "sound engines" being used by the synths/DAWs...

Let's put it this way - I can't tell the difference when I use them.  :)

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes and no.  These are digital products, so refunds get a little funny right?  However, if the patches for some reason don't work on your machine, just email my support desk and I'll make it right.

No refunds given for compatibility - read the requirements above first :)