Dream Pianos

The iconic piano sounds featured on over 500 songs by Jesus Culture, Bethel, Kari Jobe, and more

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The perfect piano patch.  (An impossible, lifelong pursuit.)

I remember when I first started really getting into sound design and production.  One of the fascinating problems I noticed (heard) was in how weird pianos sounded live - both in albums with post production, "real" live albums, or at concerts I saw.  No matter the source, it seemed like most pianos would sound good bare and by themselves - maybe with classical music - but they sounded "plinky" and annoying when mixed live.

This became a bit of an obsession for me - after all, who really wants to sound like a toy when they are playing? 

Once I figured out how to get the piano to fill out a mix, be warm, wide - and STILL be versatile... it changed everything.  There was an almost immediate shift in sound across the industry - the code had been cracked.  Pianos were no longer a mystery.

This bundle includes the patches I quickly became known for with Jesus Culture.   In addition to my signature Real Piano patch, it includes a wide range of patches - electric piano, magical layers, and dirty patches.  

It's my hope that they solve the "piano problem" for you permanently.

songs have used patches from this bundle




All patches are included in Reason format.  These are the exact patches I use to record, play live, and sequence on hundreds of albums, songs, tours and more.  

Requirements:  Reason 6+, Reason Pianos,  Abbey Road Keys (Dirty Piano Only), Electromechanical (Free from Propellerheads - Rhodes Only)

Includes 4 patches adapted for "Stock" MainStage.  Real Piano, Chime Piano, and Rhodes are all recreated using the stock MainStage samples and effects.  

Requirements: MainStage 3

Reason 6+



I'm the keys/synth guy heard on albums by Jesus Culture, Bethel, Kari Jobe, Chris Tomlin and more.  I've been a featured producer, writer, or artist on over 80 albums and 800 songs.  My hope is that these sounds become a part of your live and studio setups, and help you achieve the sound you are looking for.

Ian McIntosh // Jesus Culture Keys // Producer // Instructor


Dream Pianos

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Dream Pianos Patch Bundle

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Dream Pianos

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All available formats

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What are the requirements?

Reason: Reason 6+, Reason Pianos, Abbey Road Keys (Dirty Piano Only), Electromechanical (Free from Propellerheads - Rhodes Only)

Mainstage: MainStage 3, nothing more required

Are all formats the same?

In this bundle, the MainStage sounds are limited, and were hand recreated by me to be as close as possible.  Using EQ modeling and extensive compression and reverb testing, I've gotten all 4 adapted patches to be as close as possible within the limits of stock MainStage

Why not sample?  Simple - it wouldn't be legal.  My signature piano sounds are using samples from Reason Pianos... I can't legally or ethically sample the sounds :)

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes and no.  These are digital products, so refunds get a little funny right?  However, if the patches for some reason don't work on your machine, just email my support desk and I'll make it right.